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In the year 2012 derived from an observation I made during my college journey, I created a Youtube channel. During that time, by attending a game development college, my contact playing the various games out there increased. I went back to playing classic games that were at the bottom of the drawer and allowing myself to play games that my friends in the classroom recommended. One of these games was League of Legends, it was a game that brought everyone together and we spent the afternoon until night playing on call via Skype. Over the months playing almost every day and gaining knowledge about the game, one of my friends, Gustavo Dócil, dedicated his time to translating the game information and passed the information on to the people who used to play together. This was gaining strength, until he had the brilliant idea to start creating videos telling the stories and information of League of Legends.

The college years went by and at the end when I was starting to create the idea of Izotonic for the Capstone, I came up with the proposal and joint idea of creating a LoL channel with friends (Celu, Sono, Drend and Renato). I was already creating some content talking about the company on Youtube and took advantage of this proposal to leverage the venture. I remember that during the college period we were invited to participate in the first event promoted by Riot Games for the launch of League of Legends in Brazil.

This event was a great background that made me understand the dimension of games and their respective sectors within the industry.


This event was not only the launch of League of Legends in Brazil, but it was also the first championship showcase involving the game and professional players at that time. I made a connection between the company and the game, promoting ideas, projects and championships involving League of Legends by mentioning Izotonic's name together. One of the ideas I had to promote the name Izotonic was to create a team with friends from LoL that I used to play. We did all the processes for the creation of the team, visual identity, line up (formation of players), uniforms, marketing part targeting sponsors and social networks of both the team and the individual players.

On the team's 5LOLDiretoria fan page we promoted RP (Game Currency) draws, promoted the League Wave channel which was the name of my channel initially and our biggest milestone was qualifying for the first official League of Legends championship promoted by the game developer itself (Riot Games).

The team was disqualified due to a problem generated by team members. A practice considered illegal in the game disqualified us from the championship. As the Brazilian server at that time had just arrived in the country, during the early morning hours almost no one was online to play. What we did in those times was to gather 10 players and divided them into 2 teams of 5. We made a dynamic where one team only won and the other only lost, thus making the players' personal and team ranking rise quickly.

When we were qualified for the championship and the name of the team and players was released, people in the community began to search the players' nicknames to see the ranking performance and characters that played the most. In the process, a complaint of our practice was made on the game forum and later I received a call from one of the company's employees, notifying me of the disqualification from the championship.

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After all this experience and looking for what made the most sense to me, I went back to focusing on the channel that was the beginning of this whole journey. I was bringing more program ideas derived from various experiences that I was trying with past projects. From 2012 to 2013 I created the programs:

Lines of League 

Artistic program showing an accelerated video, where Juliana Sampaio (Member of Izotonic Studios) made rereadings of images of the characters of the game and expressed in the form of drawing. 

The idea of the program was to show the technical side of game development, where the need for stages of drawings such as Model Sheet, Software used, drawing techniques was shown. Once a week we would put together a drawing based on the comments of the public on the channel and after finalizing it, I would produce a souvenir using the drawing to raffle among the public that accompanied me.


The UFC of LOL program was intended to introduce to the lay public and the target audience the people who made up the League of Legends scenario. As I had said, taking advantage of all my experience with the LOL team that I got to know several personalities of the games and looked for a program where they could present themselves, talk a little about their lives inside and outside the game. The interviews involved a 1v1 gameplay where I as a presenter faced the interviewee and as we played the questions were rolling. In the programs I interviewed from pro-players, content creators, members of Riot (company that develops the game).
Wave School

The Wave School board aimed to teach theoretically and practically how the game mechanics and characters worked. From elaborate moves, to skill systems of 1 or more characters together. In the future, this board gained a new name "Mythbusters do LOL", where it consisted of the same idea, but aiming in a more in-depth and standardized way, weekly bringing questions from the public to be answered on video and tested in game.

Undoubtedly the frame that became the trademark of the channel. League of Music was a project initially made by me and Sono (Member of the channel). The proposal started when Riot Games (Developer of the game League of Legends) announced a vacation event for content creators.
We worked out the idea of the video together and together with my brother who at the time was opening his recording studio, we made the first League of Music song.
Over the years and my high commitment to the channel, I was developing the ideas, but my channel friends did not keep up with my pace and some were not so interested in the project anymore. So after thinking a lot and not wanting to abandon the project that was being created, I talked to the other members of the channel and asked to take over the project alone. The channel at that time, had an average of 100 videos up, among more than 60 were mine alone.

Everyone was in agreement with my request and after that I was developing the project independently. First the channel lost the name League Wave and gained the name of Tistocco, junction of Ti coming from "Tiago" + Stocco, my last name.
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