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The story of Izotonic Studios began during the development phase of my TCC on the eve of college, where some friends (Rafael Dalmazo, Vinicius Yokomizo and Juliana Sampaio) and I got together and decided to create a company whose name initially was Ventus Interactive . The idea of creating a company arose from the academic need of the TCC regarding the creation of a company and a game.


Talking a little about the reason why I chose these 3 friends in specific for the development of the company, follows: Vinicius for being my partner during college, where we developed many ideas together and the synergy happened very easily while Rafael and Juliana were chosen for the experience and experience of having developed a game called Llama Rush on their own. Added to this work in pairs and adding to the team that was assembling, we started to elaborate the first steps of the company. Speaking of names, I proposed a synergy correlation, something that would refer to the idea of reinvigoration aligned with the use of time spent by people on behalf of the company, as if it were something casual to escape reality, thus giving rise to the name Izotonic, derived from the name Isotônico, however, with an addition of “gringa” subtlety, bringing an allusion that if you play our games, you replace important components of the system that the Isotonic gives to the person who consumes it.


As for the work structure, Dalmazo and I were responsible for the initial programming, Rafael leading the heaviest part of the programming (game mechanics, API integration, portability to platforms and development of small security modules), Juliana as the architecture of the Model Sheets, Concepts Arts, logo designs, advertising banners and textures of 3D models and Vinicius as a 3D modeler, making cinematics and animations. At the time, due to my inexperience in the area of advanced programming, I was responsible for programming things like the HUD and the game's Interface, and because of that, I found time available to deal with other administrative needs of the company, such as opening a CNPJ, contract with companies and people that we developed projects in the area, marketing via social networks and events that we are present to this day.

With the company already open for 1 year, Rafael and I had already graduated and started a postgraduate course in the area of game programming aiming at a better refinement and criticism with the games we were producing, but the company took another direction and this was changing the will of the team members. Juliana went after other projects involving drawing and art in general, Dalmazo followed a career in programming as an operational member and providing services for companies in the field, and with that, Izotonic was in charge of me and Vinicius that extends to the days of today. Aiming at greater corporate longevity, we looked for new people who could compose our team, and so, another friend from college named Rafael Garcia was recruited, where, after being hired, having a long experience in the programming segment, he replaced the position left by Dalmazo, being there in this position until the present day and assuming one of the executive positions of the company. After these changes, the company's team consisted of just 3 people, Vinicius, Rafael and I, in this way, we were taking the company and creating portfolios with projects that worked very well, reaching to provide services to great brands such as Puma, Brastemp, Petrobras , Zap Imóveis among others.

These successful projects have leveraged Izotonic's name in the market and attracted people from the field, highlighting the need for positive exposure and publicizing it through participation in events such as Game Jams (game development marathons), Big Festival (Event aimed at for companies in the game development industry), Road Unity (Event specialized in Engine Unity, software we use for the development of our games and applications) and many others. Gradually, people began to be interested and searched for our company and to send us résumés, and through savings and cash flows created from large projects, we began to invest in Izotonic. We are still classified as a small company, but even with a lean team, we are a highly experienced company in the field of game development.

If you want to know more about the company, visit the website or social networks at the bottom of the page.


Just as physical activity is today seen as a tool for body health, the exercise of thought is also a tool to raise and maintain the health of the Brain. So we created MentalPlus®, the digital game that assesses and rehabilitates the cognitive functions of people aged between 8 and 80.

MentalPlus® tool for professionals

is a game that allows the health and education community to easily identify changes in memory, attention, language and executive function, compared to the commonly used neuropsychological test battery.


The main objective is the assessment, diagnostic study and rehabilitation of cognitive dysfunction in a variety of psychiatric conditions by identifying:

memory, attention, language and executive function, enabling an early and much more accessible diagnosis of various pathologies. The earlier the diagnosis of these pathologies, the greater the chance of rehabilitation of these patients.


MentalPlus® is more than just a game

First of all, in addition to being a game and a tool, it is a complete battery of tests accessible to health and education professionals. We are connected to many university centers around the world and in Brazil. Test and maximize your brain capacity with MentalPlus®

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