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CMYK por Gabriel Zuliani

Atualizado: 8 de abr. de 2022

Project: Jam Game (later released) My role: Level Design and Programming (mostly Level Design) Work period: Aug. 29 2014 to Aug. 31 2014 Developed for: SPJam 2014 CMYK is a puzzle game developed for the SPJam 2014 using Unity 3D.

It was developed by a company named Izotonic Games with my help (I was an "adopted" team member for this project). The theme of the Jam was contrast and we made a game about contrast in colors.

There are three characters (three different origamis) each with a different color. Each character can only step on the floor that is the same color as him. The goal of the game is to constantly change characters and the color of the level so the player can reach the end of the level. Some levels have enemies (scissors) and some levels have collectable keys to open the final door. Later, Izotonic Games made improvements (without my assistance) to the SPJam version of the game (including new collectables, more levels, improved GUI, etc.) and released CMYK on Google Play .

Link to the playable SPJam version of the game:

Link to the downloadable improved version of the game:

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