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Documentary “Um Real a Hora”!

Updated: Jan 1

André Alcântara, a journalist and content creator, has just launched his latest work on YouTube. The documentary, titled “Um Real a Hora”, has been arousing curiosity and admiration among internet users since its premiere.

With a duration of 30 minutes, this medium-length film takes us on a journey through the electronic game rental stores scattered throughout Brazil. More than just establishments, these places emerge as important social spaces, promoting accessibility to video games and fostering collective interactions and dynamics.

André highlights the relevance of these spaces, not only as entertainment centers, but also as meeting points where various social ties are formed and strengthened. They are the stage where new trends of expression and consumption come to life, offering a leisure alternative in a scenario marked by low public investment.

The production of the documentary took place in Grande Aracaju, Sergipe, and served as a Final Course Work (TCC) for Alcântara, who now celebrates his graduation in journalism.

Don’t miss the chance to check out “Um Real a Hora” and dive into this fascinating analysis of video game culture in Brazil!

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